I know… There are a bunch of GUI wrapper FOSS’s out there. But I want to look cool converting my anime OST UwU.

Head over to installation.md if you’ve not installed ffmpeg.

  • flac to alac
ffmpeg -i /path/to/input.flac -vcodec copy -acodec alac /path/to/output.m4a


  • Mac: brew install ffmpeg
  • Windows: Download the .exe binary from https://ffmpeg.org/download.html and add it to your PATH
  • Linux:
    • Ubuntu/Debian: sudo apt install ffmpeg or snap install ffmpeg
    • Arch: sudo pacman -S ffmpeg


[Solved] Could not load some mysterious libraries

Sometimes brew messes up somehow. In my case, ffmpeg suddenly was not able to load libtesseract and traced the stack to liblepto*. I was able to fix the error by reinstalling both.

brew reinstall tesseract && brew reinstall leptonica

Bottom line is, if it misses some lib$1, just try to reinstall the $1. If the name is incomplete and brew cannot find the name, just Bing or Google it.

[Unsolved] Transcoding rebooted my PC

Happens on Windows. This is on the weirder side, I did not find any logs from Windows Events. It might have to do with the hardware encoders like NVENC or RAM timing. I did some A/B testings which narrowed down to those 2 factors with 70-80% confidence :).

This bug completely shuts down my PC. No BSOD, no nothing.