Manjaro OOBE

Convenience Script

curl -fSsl | bash


Manual steps

  1. Update and choose optimal mirror for pac(kage)man(ager)

    sudo pacman -Syyu
  2. Install build tools for AUR

    sudo pacman -Sy base-devel git
  3. Install commonly-used packages

    sudo pacman -Sy ttf-fira-code ibus-unikey zsh discord
  4. Install packages from AUR

  • Browse AUR here

  • Clone repository

    git clone <repository>
    cd <repository>
  • Compile, install with dev dependencies, remove or clean up build and dev dependencies.

    makepkg -sri
  1. Clone AUR repos and Install Script

    cd ~/Downloads\
    (git clone && cd google-chrome && makepkg -sri ./google-chrome/)\
    (git clone && cd visual-studio-code-bin && makepkg -sri ./visual-studio-code-bin/)